Smart Mobility Area


The Smart Mobility area, in the heart of the village, is dedicated to mobility and innovation.

Open to everyone, this area will allow the participants to learn from mobility experts, start-ups and innovative companies while also enabling networking opportunities with everyone involved.

This zone will be animated by different ways:

  • The Smart Mobility Talks
  • The Start-up Café
  • The pitches from the start-ups and Innovation awards’ candidates
  • Corporate side presentations

The Smart Mobility Talks

The Smart Mobility Talks will focus on the disruptive ideas that are changing the fleet and mobility industries for the foreseeable future. 3 sessions around 3 major themes will be organized, in parallel to the Forum, taking place in the mezzanine.

The Start-up Café

The finalists of the start-up of the year awards all get a booth in the Start-up Café.  This will be their chance to network with the top minds in mobility and fleet in Europe. Of course, we call it a “café” because the area will welcome the only bar open during the whole day.


On November 6, the finalists of the Smart Mobility Start-up of the Year award will pitch in front of the participants to defend their ideas, products or services. The 10 finalists, selected by the jury, will have the chance to defend themselves in front of the fleet and mobility community.

Following them will be the candidates of the International Fleet Innovation Award, rewarding the innovative efforts in service development of today’s vehicle fleet suppliers.

On November 7, at the end of the working day , the winners of both the start-up of the year and industry awards will be announced in the smart mobility area.

Corporate Side presentations

The Fleet Europe Summit enables International Fleet and Mobility partners to showcase their latest product and service developments.

During a 30-minute key-note presentation, five companies will share with you their views on a variety of topics touching on mobility and fleet.

  • Day 1

    November 6, 2019

  • Day 2

    November 7, 2019

  • The Fleet Europe village is the heart of the fleet Europe summit where delegates meet and interact with suppliers and fellow fleet and mobility professionals.

  • The Fleet Europe village is the heart of the fleet Europe summit where delegates meet and interact with suppliers and fellow fleet and mobility professionals.

  • Traffic jams, city bans and mobility regulations have led to the increasing popularity of micromobility. Indeed, e-scooters, e-bikes and other smaller mobility modes are now used by commuters to ensure their last-mile mobility in many cities. But questions abound about the business model and more fundamentally of the safety aspect of these micromobility solutions. Can Micromobility and Safety form a perfect match?

  • Every well-respected company wants the best for its employees and needs to support them to balance their professional and personal lives. Within this context mobility is a hard nut to crack. Not everyone needs or indeed wants the same solution. More and more employees want to have instant access to a variety of mobility modes, to be able to use the one that fits them best in each situation. Mobility as a Service or MaaS may well be the answer, but how do you make it work on a larger or more international scale?

  • Autonomous technology will drive mobility forward, make it safer, more efficient, more relaxed, more sustainable, more productive. Gains all round, so what are we waiting for and when can we really benefit from the self-driving ecosystem?