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Implementing alternatives to car ownership

The Smart Mobility Institute (SMI) is holding a workshop session for international corporate mobility managers, HR and Comp & Ben managers who want to stay up to speed on the fast-developing transition from fleet to corporate mobility.

Times are changing for corporate mobility

The emergence of new forms of corporate mobility (e.g. e-bike schemes, car-sharing and zero-emission vehicles) combined with technological advances and the growing adoption of the hybrid working model are driving a shift away from the dedicated company car and changing the face of the corporate mobility ecosystem. For employees, the value of mobility-related compensation and employment benefits is closely intertwined with how and where they live, work and travel. This is making the area of corporate mobility increasingly complex and user-centric. As a result, we are seeing a more holistic approach to corporate mobility among businesses, mobility providers and governments alike. Large multinationals are often particularly well structured to introduce alternative mobility solutions holistically thanks to their existing harmonised and consolidated approach to their company car offerings. 

Bringing corporate opinion leaders in Smart and alternative mobility together
The SMI brings corporate opinion leaders together once every quarter for interactive, thought-provoking, intellectually stimulating and enjoyable workshops, either online or in person. The 4th SMI session will be held at The Dublin Convention Center on 16 November from 10:00-15:30 h. It will address the theme of :

  • Disrupting the car
  • Alternatives to car ownership

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