Main Stage Sessions


Main Stage Sessions are all about content. Taking place on the mezzanine, this is where fleet and mobility managers learn about the latest trends and best practices impacting the international fleet management profession.

Every year we work with Europe’s leading experts on understanding the needs and requirements of the industry to build the programme.

This programme includes presentations from renowned fleet experts and case studies from international fleet managers who share their insights on tomorrow’s car fleet management.

The 2019 summit will focus on three topics that dominate discussions in the industry today:

Artificial Intelligence (AI): the AI revolution is only just starting, but it will help deliver value, increase transparency and reduce costs, both on the road and in the office.

MaaS: Mobility as a Service, includes every possible mobility option, and preferably a combination thereof.

Electrification: once you go electric, you don’t go back. More and more fleets are indeed going electric, but what does that mean in practice? Is range still an issue? What about availability, or residual values?

  • Day 1

    November 6, 2019

  • Day 2

    November 7, 2019

    • “How Electrification, Smart Mobility and Artificial Intelligence add value to your Fleet Programme”

    • Not only corporates are responding to the changing mobility behaviour of their people in line with overall objectives; cities are doing the same and some in such a way that they earn the moniker Smart City. Lisbon is one of them: the Portuguese capital has clear objectives to increase mobility efficiency and air quality while reducing pollution and traffic jams, hence optimising quality of life and city productivity – not unlike the ambitions of a company. Deputy Mayor Miguel Gaspar of the City of Lisbon will shine his light on the dynamics linked to the mobility opportunities and challenges within a smart city.

    • Experts have been predicting for years that MaaS and shared mobility will push the current one-driver-one-car model aside. Until today the switch hasn’t been made but looking at the results of the 2019 Global Fleet Survey, international fleet managers indeed are considering the transformation from Fleet to Mobility, and are open to implementing solutions like carsharing. This solution is also becoming more important on the supplier side, as two major automotive rivals, Daimler and BMW Group, have merged their mobility offering under the Now umbrella, with Share Now as one of the five mobility pillars. In this session you will get inspired by the founder of Mobility as a Service and the CEO of one of the most promising carsharing models in Europe.

    • Until recently, diesel was the preferred fuel for most European fleets. But employees are increasingly asking for electric vehicles and car manufacturers are speeding up the launch of several new EVs, supported by charging services and solutions to capitalise on the electric evolution. Presentations by Alain Van Groenendael, Chief Executive Officer, Arval; Marco Lessacher, Chief Executive Officer, Alphabet; Derek von Rönn, Head of Volkswagen Global Business Model Sales E-Mobility, followed by a panel discussion.
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    • The future of Fleet and Mobility is largely driven by technology innovation. Leveraging technology, connectivity and artificial intelligence are key when the amount of data is big and the need for analysis important, which is the case with CASE: the Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric mobility future. Through AI processes will get smarter, fleets more cost-effective and mobility cheaper and safer.