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The leading international conference on Fleet & Mobility is back!  Each year, the Summit delivers fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content that becomes the focus of Fleet & Mobility strategies in some of the biggest corporations around the world.  This year will be no different.

The 2021 Fleet Europe Summit programme will revolve around 4 Summit Themes that will ensure you stay on top of the transformation of our industry.



2021 has been a breakthrough year for electrification.  As companies are looking for sustainable fleet solutions to support their journey to Carbon Zero, EV’s have become an integral part of any European fleet.  Of course challenges still exist but new innovations in charging infrastructure and well defined OEM strategies will drive sustainability as the norm for European and worldwide fleets.

Post-COVID-19 fleet management

A post-COVID world needs post-COVID fleet management.  Lower mileages, working from home and new safety regulations require new ways of procuring fleet and new financial models.  New policies will need to be developed to support this change and to ensure compliance for your employees.  Let’s make sure your fleet strategy is ready for the years to come.

Corporate Mobility

Often challenged, the transition from ownership to usership is inevitable and fits the trend towards cyclic economies. The translation of this transition into the corporate fleet ecosystem is « Corporate Mobility », and it has made it to the top of the agenda. Together with our experts and leading market players, we will have a look at how these new solutions and concepts such as Mobility as a Benefit (MaaB) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) can support an increased employee experience and what steps corporate mobility managers need to take to update their Policies & Strategies.  Change has started!

Innovation & Technology

Never in history has technology been as accessible and game-changing as it is right now. The fleet industry is exploring IoT and connectivity solutions, be it within the confines of regulations and, of course, employee acceptance. The challenge for corporate clients in 2021 and beyond, is to push tech solutions across the finish line and ensure that they will benefit employee safety, fleet renewal programs and ultimately, cost control. Change will be required to implement further digitalization and efficient data management in corporate fleet management strategies. It’s time to pay attention to tech!

Topics & Presentations

  • Fleet Europe Conferences

    Nov. 10

  • IFMI

    Nov. 9

  • Remarketing Forum

    Nov. 9

  • SMI

    Nov. 9

  • Every industry, every business has been impacted by the pandemic. Transport and mobility have changed, leading to rapidly evolving business models and trends in fleet procurement, fleet utilisation and employee mobility. Now is the time to speed up Post-Covid Fleet Management: we must identify and seize the opportunities of this new era in Fleet and Mobility.

  • 12,000 kilometers through 11 countries in 4 weeks. With an electric car? One month ago Athlon’s Sustainability & CSR Director Alexander Heijkamp crisscrossed Europe traveling in an e-vehicle. He left confidently, even if he was not yet 100% sure he would be able to reach all destinations. While some markets are more mature than others, EV adoption is accelerating in European countries. Transportation is transforming in becoming greener and smarter and we need to get ready. Alexander learned some important lessons which you can benefit from.

  • Sharing our thoughts and ideas about the needed actions to electrify the fleet.

  • Electrification is more than just ordering an EV. You’re going to need to rethink your mobility strategy, but you’ll also need new resources, tools, market data, vehicle models and related services to make your electric journey a success. Our goal is to deliver the new resources and services you need to make your transition as efficient and smooth as possible. Don’t miss our panel where we’ll be showcasing some of the exciting new electrification resources we’ve co-designed with clients to help you master the unknown territory ahead!

  • Your opportunity to extend your fleet and mobility network in the Fleet Europe Village.

  • Care for the environment and awareness about climate change are omnipresent. But how can we translate this into our Fleet & Mobility ecosystem? Let’s discover how corporate fleets can become both sustainable and cost-efficient, without comprising comfort or convenience.

  • Sustainability is a key value amongst most premium and luxury car manufacturers. This presentation will highlight the specific “sustainOble” approach of DS Automobiles in regards to designing sustainably, all the while feeding its aim of representing French automotive luxury & savoir-faire. A focus will be done on the choice of materials, finishes and expected innovations in the coming years.

  • Sustainability and electrification in the mobility industry

  • Your opportunity to get some food (and food for thought) while you extend your fleet and mobility network.

  • Getting a good RFI is the basis for any successful fleet and mobility initiative. Defining the problem, exploring vendor information and comparing solutions are essential for a successful implementation for any new product or service. Global Fleet Marketplace is the search engine to identify any product, service or vendor across the globe.

  • Trends in the compensation and benefits ecosystem are evolving in parallel with those in the corporate fleet and mobility world. Fundamentally, it’s about moving from ‘fixed’ to ‘flexible’. This transition is necessary, but complex - yet not impossible. If done right, the benefits are many.

  • Covid 19 has disrupted our place of work, our lifestyles and even our homes. Remote working has become the new norm for a large part of workers. We will try to describe how it is impacting corporate real estate and corporate Mobility.

  • Data will continue to revolutionise the fleet industry and will enable safe and sustainable mobility moving forward. For example, data-driven fleet solutions are key in supporting the whole electrification journey of a fleet. In this presentation you will get insights on how to utilise data to not only build a more efficient but also sustainable fleet of tomorrow.

  • Fleet operators and mobility service providers can utilize the energy ecosystem to reduce their carbon footprint and gain financial value. Want to know how? In this presentation we’ll zoom in on that.

  • Digital technology is profoundly changing mobility. Data-fuelled mobility solutions play an increasing role in the rollout of cost-effective, safe and sustainable transport. Learn how to grasp the value of a connected fleet and how you can anticipate your next-gen fleet and mobility programme through data intelligence.

  • Your opportunity to extend your fleet and mobility network in the Fleet Europe Village.

  • It is clear mobility solutions and services mean many things to different people. In this presentation, Paul Humphreys, Managing Director for Cox Automotive Mobility, International, will delve into some of the key myths and trends that are shaping the mobility sector today and into the future. Building on the recent Cox Automotive Insight Report 2021, Paul will take us on a journey through the digital infrastructure that supports physical asset utilisation, focusing on data, connectivity, and the influence of electric vehicles on the shape of the market.

  • Most international companies have joined the Science-Based Targets Initiative and have made their commitment public. There is a very short time left to implement policy, powertrains and, most importantly, tools to capture, interpret and report on the necessary data. In this session, OviDrive’s Director of Consulting, Matthijs Honing, explains the mechanics of greenhouse gas accounting and illustrates the sustainability glidepath with a use case.

  • Both the pandemic and the current semiconductor chip crisis have an unexpected impact on our Fleet and Mobility ecosystem. But these events have not tempered the drive nor the agility of our industry. In this executive panel discussion, we will examine how to build tomorrow’s Fleet and Mobility ecosystem.

  • Welcome participants, purpose and schedule of this session.

  • This session will reflect on Philips’ reasons for introducing a corporate mobility program, its approach, and how this progressive organization has benefitted from its mobility program since the first roll-out, 4 years ago.

  • Offering your employees intelligent and alternative mobility rather than a company car requires you to change your car & mobility policy – but how exactly? Three break-out sessions, in collaboration with the smart mobility providers 1st Mobility, FREE NOW for Business and Sixt, will dive deeper into: -Eligibility: Who is entitled to corporate mobility, based on which criteria and profiles? And how can you conduct a meaningful mobility profiling exercise? -Mobility budget: How to set the right mobility budget – what should you include or exclude? And how to deviate from a mobility budget – what are the soft and hard policy rules you can apply? -CSR objectives: When offering your workforce alternative mobility, you also place your trust in your employees to make safe and sustainable mobility choices. What should you include in your new policy to keep your sustainability and safety-related Corporate Social Responsibility goals on track?

  • This closing session will provide critical information to help you build a roadmap for your new car & mobility policy.

  • Tips and tricks to embed the corporate mobility policy that fits your company strategy.