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The leading international conference on Fleet & Mobility is back!  Each year, the Summit delivers fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content that becomes the focus of Fleet & Mobility strategies in some of the biggest corporations around the world.  This year will be no different.

The 2022 Fleet Europe Summit programme will revolve around 4 sessions that will ensure you stay on top of the transformation of our industry.


Session 1 – Boosting the User X in Fleet & Mobility

What do corporate fleet decision makers want? The same thing as their drivers and mobility-entitled employees: quality solutions and services, that are easily accessible, user-friendly, and efficient. And not just efficient in terms of time and money, but also in terms of security and safety.

Clearly, user requirements have become more sophisticated. This is the result of a number of megatrends: digitalisation, the ownership to usership trend, the move from individual to shared mobility, from ICEs to EVs. In other words: user experience is now the key factor in the mobility ecosystem.

Session 2 – Leveraging the Sustainability X

If you’re a multinational, you have well-defined CSR and ESG strategies. In both strategies, sustainability is a key component. In terms of emissions, this is expressed as the ambition to achieve net-zero over a certain period of time.

For corporate fleet managers, the challenge is clear – and huge: make the corporate fleet increasingly, and eventually entirely sustainable. It’s a long road, and constant progress can be made by progressively electrifying and otherwise ‘greenifying’ your fleet.

But how green can you go? Is there an upper limit, and to what extent does it shift over time? How do you overcome the EV charging challenge? And what exactly are the success factors – today’s and tomorrow’s – for going green?

Session 3 – Successfully embedding the Safety X

The importance of safety is paramount, in mobility perhaps more so than in other business areas. Safe transport benefits employees, the economy, society and the environment. And yet all too often, safety is a topic that’s taken for granted. On the contrary, safety must be central to your considerations, and must be embedded in your policy. Because protecting your drivers means protecting your fleet, means protecting your business. So: How do you move safety up the priority ladder to rank number one?

Session 4 – MaXimising Business Continuity in Fleet & Mobility

Corporate fleets have a major role to play in ensuring operational continuity for their company.

That’s easier said than done in a market is characterised by not one but many disruptive trends: social changes, economic challenges, geopolitical problems and industry specific issues (think the twin crises of the natural resource crunch and the chip shortage).

In this environment, it’s not easy to anticipate and prepare for the future. But it’s not impossible. Here’s how to mitigate risk and ensure fleet and mobility continuity.

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