Chocolate Contest

Rules and regulations

Enter our competition to win a personalize chocolate box of Belgian chocolate award-winning creator Jean-Philippe Darcis.

20 lucky winners will receive one box of custom-made chocolate with their name written in chocolate pieces.

To be eligible, here are the four steps participants have to follow:
1) Click on “I want chocolate” on the Fleet Europe Summit Chocolate Contest booth
2) Enter, at least, 20 booths from sponsors in the village of the Fleet Europe Summit 2020
3) Register their interest in, at least, 10 sponsors of the Fleet Europe Summit 2020 by clicking on the button “Register my interest”
4) Enter the networking tool and make, at least, 5 connections.

Every fleet Europe summit participant who complete those 4 steps will enter the contest. Out of all of them, Fleet Europe will organize a raffle for the 20 lucky winners.

The day after the Fleet Europe Summit, those winners will receive an e-mail from Fleet Europe to let them know they have won. Fleet Europe will ask them for a shipping address, and they will receive their personal chocolate box in the following weeks.

This contest is available to every registered participant of the Fleet Europe Summit.